My research aims to leverage human computation and machine intelligence to effectively solve complex tasks that require domain expertise, such as software development, program synthesis, and crisis informatics. I study problems that users face with existing tools and methods, and build computational systems to assist users via efficient collaboration and hybrid crowd-machine workflow.

Research Overview: [pdf]

Yan Chen is a doctoral student at School of Information, University of Michigan, advised by Dr. Walter S. Lasecki and Dr. Steve Oney. He is a member of CromaLab and MISC, and his research work has been published multiple times on top academic conference (CHI). He holds a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics and Electrical and Computer Engineering, and a master's in Applied Mathematics all from University of Colorado at Boulder.


Jan, 2018
Intern at Snap, Seattle, with Dr. Andrés Monroy-Hernández
May, 2017
Presented Codeon at CHI'17


Sang Lee, Yan Chen, and Walter S. Lasecki.
Sang Lee, Yan Chen, Noah Klugman, Sai R. Gouravajhala, Angela Chen, and Walter S. Lasecki.
CHI LBW 2017
Yan Chen, Sang Won Lee, Yin Xie, YiWei Yang, Walter Lasecki, and Steve Oney.
CHI Full Paper 2017
pdf ·  full video ·  30s preview
Yan Chen, Steve Oney and Walter Lasecki.
CHI Full Paper 2016
pdf ·  ACM DL ·  30s preview ·  talk
Yan Chen, Steve Oney and Walter Lasecki.
Collective Intelligence Abstract 2016
Yan Chen, Steve Oney and Walter Lasecki.
CHI Workshop 2016
Esther Vasiete, Yan Chen, Ian Char, Tom Yeh, Vishal Patel, Larry Davis, and Rama Chellappa.
Mobile HCI Poster 2014
pdf ·  ACM DL
Vishal Patel, Tom Yeh, M Salem, Yangmuzi Zhang, Yan Chen, Rama Chellappa, Larry Davis.
IT Professional 2013
pdf ·  IEEE